About This Project

AAL has been delighted to have supported Durrell on a variety of contracts. We provide plant and haulage services when required and offer at short notice to accommodate the animals.

Green waste: Durrell had to dispose of their Greenwaste via the state’s facility at great expense, but AAL were able to put together a package whereby it is scraped up and cleared once every few months and disposed of on fields close to Durrell. It is then spread and decomposed, providing good compost for less than 1/2 the cost of the original disposal method.

Fruit Bat enclosure: the original bat enclosure required doubling in size. AAL was awarded the contract to carry out the large number of earthworks needed to prepare and landscape the area before laying recycled aggregates and handing back to Durrell to construct the polytunnel.

Animal Quarantine area:  Due to the number of animals brought to Durrell, they required several concrete slabs and structures to house all new animals. These new animals require a quarantine period before providing a permanent area on-site in public view. We worked closely with Durrell staff to provide a number of these areas and were under tremendous time pressures. 

Butterfly enclosure:  AAL commenced with a blank piece of land and landscaped an area prior to supplying and filling Gabion baskets to provide a walk through Polytunnel with wildlife to support the rare butterflies.

Bear enclosure: AAL completed construction of the rustic bear enclosure where tree trunks and branches were placed in the ground to provide a suitable play area for the bears.