About This Project

This project at Plemont, undertaken by AAL, won the Jersey Construction Council’s Project of the Year Award. It entailed the restoration of the headland on the site of the former holiday village at Plemont and was undertaken in conjunction with the National Trust for Jersey. The objective being to ‘return it to nature’.

With an overall footprint of 6,205.20 square metres, the challenge was to survey and assess the contaminated land, protect the natural environment and inhabitant species, carry out demolition works of the entire holiday village and restore the headland to its natural state.

A key driver in the delivery of the contract was the commitment of AAL and the Trust to sustainability. Therefore, through the reuse of materials under the waste management strategy, 75% of materials were recycled.

  • Over 75 tons of asbestos were removed from the site (by a specialist company) and transported by AAL to La Collette asbestos sealed storage.
  • 500 tonnes of metal were removed from the site and all recycled.
  • Almost 12,000 tonnes of concrete were removed from the site in over 800 lorry loads.
  • All Granite was removed from buildings and recycled into cobbles.
  • 250 tonnes of Sundry furniture, fixtures and fittings were removed, and those not damaged by fire or water were salvaged, recycled or used by National Trust in its restoration work.
  • Almost 8,000 tonnes of Soil were taken from La Collette and Bel Vue to the site. 

It was an absolute honour to work on this project to reinvigorate the stunning environment. We have promoted biodiversity by creating more appropriate ecosystems and protected the important archaeological site for many years to come.