Demolition / Excavations / Groundworks

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Survey and assess contaminated land, protect the natural environment and inhabitant species, carry out demolition works and restore the headland to its natural state – AAL’s award winning project, undertaken on behalf of the National Trust, at the former holiday village at Plemont.


We have all the necessary experience and machinery to carry out a small internal soft strip right up to a large scale demolition. We will separate all materials and dispose of them under the current guidelines and all of the rubble and ground is taken for processing and recycling wherever possible at our La Collette Recycling Centre.

One of our specialties includes demolishing buildings which are adjacent or connected to other buildings and can provide ‘shoring up’ and underpinning if required.

Bulk Excavations:

With machines from 1.5 tonnes to 24 tonnes and lorries from 1.5 tonnes to 15 tonnes we have the right equipment to carry out any Island excavation.


AAL Recycling Jobs


We carried out the Castle Quays bulk excavation using 26 tonne tipping trailers which resulted in halving the number of lorry movements. Equally we have dealt with private sites on steep inclines where we have had to dig out and ‘pass up’ to a second machine before loading into a lorry for carting away.

We also carry a full range of dumper trucks for moving materials on site or over rough ground.

From surveys and excavation to oversite concrete (including drainage and duct work),
AAL provides the complete pre-build solution
Prior to any work being undertaken by a contractor on any property, whether refurbishment or demolition, a Refurbishment and Demolition Survey is required.

We can arrange and undertake these surveys on your behalf.
Our experienced team will provide Method and Risk Statements for any project you undertake.
Most building projects or jobs involving excavation will require a trial hole or site investigation. At AAL we are able to provide the necessary method statements as well as dig the holes, safely store the separated soil and refill the holes once the testing is complete.
We will devise the Programme and Sequence of Works to ensure projects are completed on time.
We work with our specialist partners NAS Laboratories (surveying and monitoring) and removal (Rhodar) to conduct the legally required Asbestos surveys as part of your demolition Programme of Works. We undertake the removal as required, ensuring adherence to the relevant local legal requirements for removal and safe storage of asbestos from sites.
As part of the surveying process, we will work out a programme to protect inhabitant species and local wildlife, working with local partners such as Nurture Ecology if appropriate.
Waste that is removed from sites is then taken to the Island’s Recycling Centre at La Collette, which is run by AAL and where the waste is tested, graded and turned into Recycled Aggregates for use back within the Island’s building industry.