Household Services

For all your demolition, renovation and landscaping – choose AAL

AAL is well-known as a Company that handles large commercial projects.

We also undertake a huge amount of private domestic work such as:

  • Demolition (houses, sheds, outhouses) & excavation
  • Renovation (removing waste rubble, clearing the sites and undertaking groundworks prior to new build) and Landscaping (including earth moving as well as walls, drains and paths)
  • as well as moving large items and helping out in times of crisis – flooding, snow etc.,

AAL also runs the commercial waste Recycling Centre at La Collette which handles the 100s of tonnes of waste material generated in the Island every year from construction and demolition sites.

We take in this commercial ‘rubble’, inspect, grade and recycle it into many types of materials (aggregates) for both commercial and domestic building and landscaping needs.

This means that the materials, which would otherwise be ‘dumped’, do not go to increase landfill in Jersey – they are reused and so help the island’s sustainability.

This also lessens the impact on the environment as, by using recycled materials, you lessen the need to quarry raw material out of the Island’s precious headlands.


AAL Recycling Jobs

"People are now making choices about the sustainability of our beautiful Island for us and our future generations.

As an Island community, we're all familiar with the need to reuse, recycle and lessen the negative impact we have on our environment by reducing our domestic waste."

All our Recycled Aggregates meet international quality and testing standards.
Make a positive choice about your Island’s future and choose Recycled Aggregates.

We offer a range of diggers for hire to suit all domestic building or landscaping projects.

For all your domestic building and landscaping needs, consider cost effective, quality and reliable, Recycled Aggregates – which provide a sustainable alternative to quarried building materials.


In the event of a landslide or flooding - we can provide a 24 hours service to clear the area - particularly useful when it involves any public road or the blocking of an access way.

From clearing snow at the airport to many private drives - our team will work around the clock with JCBs and front end loaders to re-open Island roads that may become blocked.


Call us today to quote for delivering or moving large items, such as hot tubs, sheds and porta cabins.

We work with local tree specialists to safely fell trees and remove the stumps. This often involves the re-landscaping of the area once the stumps are removed - a service we also offer.