Inert disposal price changes


Dear valued customers,

In order to maximise the lifespan of the La Collette site and improve inert waste recycling rates for the Island, the Government notified at the beginning of this year that the price for disposing of inert waste will rise from 01st March 2021 with a further increase from 01st September 2021.

The AAL Recycling concept of inert waste acceptance has always been based on the percentage of waste that we can recycle, balanced against the percentage which we are unable to recycle.

With inert disposal prices rising in March we would like to advise our customers that our prices will be adjusted where necessary and we will continue to offer excellent rates for clean segregated recyclable materials.

To enable us to keep all our costs as low as possible, AAL are therefore offering a pricing structure that encourages greater segregation.

The cleaner the waste the cheaper the gate fee!

We are building on our approach to increase recycling, and to encourage cleaner material by reducing the amount of non-recoverable waste components within your load.

AAL Recycling are in the process of constructing an Advanced Aggregate Recycling plant at La Collette which will provide our customers with greater opportunities to recycle and, enable us to produce quality recycled products for purchase.

From March 01st 2021 AAL Recycling waste category charges will be:

  • Cat1 Clean (95% recyclable) - £1.58 per tonne
  • Cat1 (80% recyclable) - £7.88 per tonne
  • Cat2 (60% recyclable) - £19.69 per tonne
  • Cat3 (20% recyclable) – £26.78 per tonne
  • Cat4 (inert waste) - £33.07 per tonne
Please note these prices include GST