The commercial waste Recycling Centre at La Collette is run by AAL Recycling (AAL) who won a five year contract in 2014 to manage this aspect of the Island’s sustainability initiative.


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Currently AAL Recycling accept the entire Island’s glass where it is crushed and currently used to line the outer wall of the La Collette Reclamation.

It basically becomes a sand filter preventing the egress into the sea.

We are currently moving forward to use glass in the following ways:

  • New patented thermal floor suitable for any new build
  • Mixing with aggregates such as pipe bedding
  • Being used for sand blasting

At La Collette, the commercial and building waste is taken in by AAL, inspected, graded and, using on-site crushers and other recycling processes, turned into various materials for both commercial and domestic building and landscaping needs.

A key emphasis on anyone tipping these materials at the Recycling Centre is to provide ‘clean’ loads – i.e. that can be easily sorted into the different materials for recycling information on which can be found in AALs Recycling Guide.

Once processed, the ‘Recycled Aggregates’ - all grades of sand, hard core, chippings, hoggin and fine stones - are suitable for any kind of commercial and domestic building or renovation requirement - such as infill, pathways, land drainage, road construction and parking surfaces.

Meeting all international standards, the recycled aggregate do not pose any threat to the environment, are fully compliant with the specifications for their particular use and meet the same performance criteria as any primary aggregates obtained from Island Quarries. This makes them a viable, cost effective alternative to quarried construction materials for any project.

Make a positive choice about your Island’s future and choose Recycled Aggregates.