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Anyone can visit La Colette to either off-load waste materials or buy the locally recycled aggregates.

In addition to the Island’s domestic waste, 100s of tonnes of waste material is generated in the Island every year from construction and demolition sites and repair work. This ranges from concrete and bricks, to glass, tar products and soil.

The recycling of building materials is a growing industry in the US and the UK, and Jersey is no exception. It’s the job of AAL Recycling to take in that waste at the recycling centre at La Colette and turn it into over 60,000 tonnes per year of ‘recycled aggregates’.

On arrival at the site in its various categories, the waste is inspected, graded and, using on-site crushers and other recycling processes, turned into various materials for both commercial and domestic building and landscaping needs.

From fine sands, to materials to infill retaining walls, build pathways and provide land drainage, to road construction and parking surfaces; there is something to suit any building, landscaping or renovation requirement.


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Recycled Aggregates are a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to other aggregates. They are technically sound, reach industry quality standards, are commercially competitive and made of materials all from local sources.