Waste Management

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Whether you are undertaking a small soft strip or a full demolition of a building it is not only prudent but also often a legal requirement to carry out a number of procedural elements prior to work commencing.

Waste Management Plans are now required with all planning applications, which involve the demolition of a building or part of a building.

We will support the development of relevant plans for your project as part of the project’s legal requirements.

We provide a full report which provides quantities of the various materials being demolished and what will happen to them, in terms of burnables, recyclables, demolition rubble for recycling etc.

We will work with you to devise a DEMP as required.

This site-specific plan developed to ensure that appropriate environmental management practices are followed during the decommissioning phase of a project will detail all remediation, site control, and monitoring activities that will continue once the immediate decommissioning activities are completed.

For non-domestic properties it is mandatory to have a written Asbestos Management Plan. The starting point for this is an asbestos survey to ascertain if asbestos is present, where it is and what condition it is in.

Working with our specialist partners NAS Laboratories (surveying and monitoring) and removal (Rhodar) we will conduct these surveys as part of your demolition Programme of Works.

We will work with you and the Department of Environment to assess and carry out these remediation works.

A Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) will detail the principles, practices and procedures to be implemented to manage, remedy and mitigate potential adverse environmental effects during construction.

We will work with you on these plans as may be required.


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